Evolution of Uralchem (From 2007 to 2020)

Evaluation of Uralchem

Dmitry Mazepin founded Uralchem United Chemicals in 2007 after taking the bold step to dissolve all his companies and combine all his assets into one. Thirteen years later, the company has grown in leaps and bounds to birth more subsidiary companies which explain the title Uralchem Group of Companies.

Serving as the head, Dmitry Mazepin has led Uralchem to become a leading producer and supplier of high-quality chemical and mineral fertilizer. Both large scale and small scale farmers in Russia have realized increased yield and profits given how well different types of fertilizer from Uralchem are formulated for plant growth.

At the moment, Uralchem is the number one producer of Ammonium Nitrate in Russia. But before all its successes, Uralchem started like any other startup. Read on to find out details about the evolution of Uralchem.

Uralchem company
  • How Uralchem was Founded

With a Ph.D. in economics and a background in Organization Management, Dmitry Mazepin had all the cards needed to strike win by starting his own company. But he decided to tread carefully and gather wealth first.

Through Uralchem, Dmitry Mazepin acquired stakes in Berezniki Azot, Halogen, Minudobrenia, Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemicals Company, and Khimprom (now Renova) among other well-known companies. Currently, Uralchem continues to acquire stakes in even more established companies, using the proceeds to expand his own company. Uralchem is now a giant entity making impactful business deals in the African Markets as well as the European Markets.

Let’s delve deeper and look at year by year break down of Uralchem’s humble beginnings up to where the company is now.

  • 2007

It was in 2007 when the very first company, Uralchem OJSC, was started. Sister companies Uralchem Trans LLC and Uralchem Freight Limited were also established the same year. Uralchem Trans LLC is responsible for plant to plant transportation services while Uralchem Freight limited is the company tasked with shipping of products to different ports.

  • 2008-2009

In its quest to grow and expand further, in 2008, Uralchem bought more stakes in companies like JSC Perm Mineral Fertilizers, Togliattiazo, and Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers. Within this time frame, Dmitry Mazepin led Uralchem to open trading houses in Russia and Brazil.

  • 2010

As with any other company that undertakes mass acquisition, it is true that with as many successes as he had, Dmitry Mazepin also had to contend with significant challenges in debts. Take, for instance, the acquisition of like JSC Perm Mineral Fertilizers, where Uralchem gained 100% acquisition. This meant that it was up to Uralchem to settle all the debts of this new company. The case is replicated in all other companies where Uralchem acquired stakes.

In 2010, therefore, Uralchem joined the London stock exchange market, hoping to raise up to $600 to settle its debts. This move didn’t bear fruit.

  • 2013

After taking a bit of a break, in 2013, Uralchem obtained a 20% stake in Uralkali, a distinguished producer of potash fertilizer.

It’s during this period when Dmitry Mazepin started building the Riga Port in Latvia. Here, all Uralchem fertilizers would be stored and handled in readiness for transport and shipping to other countries.

  • 2018

Away from acquisitions, in 2018, Uralchem decides to focus more on enhancing its product quality, quantity and variety. Now, the company ships chemical products and mineral fertilizer to countries spread across the world including Brazil, Mozambique, Kenya, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, among numerous others.

  • 2020
Evaluation of Uralchem

Uralchem continues to shine even brighter earning awards and reaching new heights. Recently the company got the IFA gold Medal award and plans to build a giant fertilizer plant in Angola. But that’s not all. The company funds philanthropy programs and charities, spending over $11 million on different community projects.

Uralchem is the perfect example of a company that proves that with good governance and sheer dedication, no limit is the limit. If this chronology of events is anything to go by, there’s no doubt that Dmitry Mazepin is capable of leading his company t to become the world top producer of quality fertilizer.

Ruwan Kumar