Magic. The word itself creates a beautiful illusion in our minds. Due to this deadly pandemic, we have been missing face-to-face magic shows that create excitement. But when will technology come to our aid? You can now hire a virtual magician that will entertain and blow your minds at the comfort of your home.

Here are some things that you need to consider before hiring a virtual magician in London:


The one quality that needs to be there in every magician is – entertaining. If the magician is not entertaining enough, then there will be no fun at the party. Most magicians are fun on stage, but need not be the same behind the camera.

Virtually, every person is different. If the magician cannot be the same virtually, then you should reconsider hiring him/her. The magician should also be funny, charming, and most importantly friendly. This way you can truly enjoy your time with the chosen magician.


Before hiring any person, we check whether that person is popular enough or not. The same goes when you are about to hire a magician for a virtual show. If the magician has been performing at several events, then he/she is definitely popular among the masses. Also, it will be inevitable for the magician to be on Google due to his/her popularity.

Having a reputation in any field is the topmost important. Without a good reputation, you cannot survive. So make sure you do a thorough check on the magician before hiring. Also, due to a good reputation, the magician may have a larger consumer base than any other magician in the market.


Price is also one very important factor that you should consider before hiring any magician. Some magicians have a price range that may be a bit heavy, but can also be worth it. So how do we decide which price range suits you? Most of the time, a lower price refers to an amateur magician who is new in the market.

On the other hand, a high price range refers to someone who has been in the market for quite a long time and has acquired many consumers. But it also means that the magician is experienced and hence is charging a higher amount.


Customer feedback is necessary to every person in society. Make sure you check what the previous clients of the magician have to say about his/her performance. Reviews of the magician can also affect your process of hiring a magician. There may be positive and negative feedback, but you have to decide if the negative feedback affects you or not.

These were some of the factors that we think are important while hiring a magician. Make sure you consider these points and decide accordingly because if you dont then your money and time will be wasted and you definitely dont