How Do You Introduce Yourself On Speed Dating?

How do you Introduce yourself on Speed Dating

If you are new to speed dating and a speed dating virgin, introducing yourself may cause you anxiety and nervousness. Don’t worry, after the first few dates, and you’ll realize it’s possible to have fun. Assume you were meeting someone in real life, such as in a pub. In this case, you would chat about lighthearted, enjoyable things rather than what you do for a living, how long you’ve been single, and so on. Speed dating is no exception. In this blog, we have put together some tips to help you introduce yourself to speed dating.

1. Greet With A Smile

People that smile appear more approachable because smiling relaxes everyone. Remember that an essential thing you can do when you are initially seated opposite your date is smile, say hello, and introduce yourself. When you smile and laugh, you exude a lot of energy, and others relax and want to be around you.

2. Plan Your Conversation

A natural and flowing conversation is the best. You don’t need to have a prepared discussion, but having something lighthearted to talk about will relieve some of the strain. If you like music, you might ask the person what their favorite concert was, or if you want to travel, you could question where their favorite destination is/was. The goal is for the discussion to be lighthearted and enjoyable, leaving the individual wanting more – that is, wanting to talk to you and see you again. This is also why it is critical to avoid asking overly complex questions that cause people to ponder too much.

3. Be A Good Listener

As much as you want to talk about yourself, remember to let the other person speak as well. It’s not a one-person show, is it? Everyone and I do mean everyone, wants to be heard. Don’t waste your entire five minutes talking about yourself. You may feel the need to sell yourself, but what has been shown to work best is when you connect with the other person through dialogue, i.e. you both talk and listen.

4. Keep It Light

Everyone enjoys a good laugh and a lively chat. When you make someone laugh, you become remembered. Aside from work, avoid talking about your ex, why your relationship didn’t work, and prior relationships in general, which are generally unpleasant. It is not the time to discuss your flaws or what you do poorly; instead, let someone get to know and like you first. Anything too personal, religion or politics, asking someone where they live or who they live with makes women uneasy.


To summarise, the good thing about speed dating is that it allows you to practice talking to and relating to people of the other sex. Conversation is a talent that can be developed. The whole point of speed dating is determining whether you like someone enough to see them again; there will be plenty of time to learn more about them. Check out for some speed dating tips.

Ruwan Kumar