How to Buy Best Antenna for EE Mobile Booster

Wireless 4G antenna

Every sensible person always ensures that each purchase is worth the price paid. This is particularly common when the matter involves a device upon which you depend for your everyday connectivity. The same case applies when buying the best Antenna for EE mobile phone signal booster that can serve efficiently for a considerable period of time.

Generally, there are six imperative aspects you should think through when purchasing an external antenna for your home broadband services.

Omni-Direction Vs Direction Antenna for EE mobile boosters

EE 4G antenna signal

The deference here stems from the direction in which the mobile signals are traveling as well as whether the antenna will pick up signals from that particular direction.

For the Omni-directional antenna, they are designed to pick up the mobile signal from any direction. It’s best suited for people living in urban or suburban areas since there will be numerous phone masts from different ways all-round.

For a directional antenna, it is designed to pick up mobile signals traveling from only one direction. With such inflexibility, the set up can be more complicated as you will have to spot out the location of the nearest mobile masts.

You’ll have to align the antenna such that it can catch that signal, which may involve some trial and error. The advantage of this antenna is you can make the most from one direction, making it an ideal option in rural areas where there’s only one marginal or poor signal from the nearest masts.

EE signal booster Frequency range

When buying an antenna for EE signal mobile booster, it’s important to ensure that it can integrate with the frequencies utilized by your portable network. In the coming few years, further spectrum, (700MHZ and 3400 MHZ) is in line for introduction to provide 5G mobile services across the UK.


outdoor antenna

Mobile signals are usually polarised. The effectiveness of antenna for your EE mobile booster in picking up any signal is subject to how well the unit is linked to the polarisation of that particular signal.

Ideally, you can buy a combined double-antenna system; preferably the cross polarised one. The two antennas will significantly detect a signal without being constricted by the polarisation that the signal has.

Cable type for the EE signal booster

Outdoor antenna usually comes with a cable that is compatible with a rooter. It is better to have the shortest possible cable for your installation. Longer than necessary cables will only reduce the strength of the signal.

Connector Type for EE mobile booster

Lastly, check the best type of connector for your router. If your router utilizes an SMA connector, as most of the other models, you can consider buying an SMA antenna. Other routers may use distinct connectors; for instance, Huawei B618 uses a TS9 connector which is less common. Others use FME or CRC9 connector. For such cases, you can simply an adapter where needed, e.g. to convert an SMA antenna into a CRC9 or TS9 antenna.

Ruwan Kumar