How To Pray The Rosary; 10 Steps


According to most Christians and Catholics in particular, praying the rosary is a powerful prayer that can be done several times in a day. For hundreds of years, the rosary has been a treasured possession to most believers who believe in its ability to intercede to God via the Virgin Mary. The rosary has numerous beads and for you to muster how to pray with it, you’ll need frequent practice. And by the way, even non Catholics can pray using the rosary! Battles are won, diseases are healed, peace of mind is achieved, barriers are broken, all thanks to the power of the rosary. Nowadays, you can buy a personalized or customized rosary for a friend, loved one, or for yourself. It’d actually come in very handy as we welcome the Christmas season, a time to reflect on our Christian Faith and beliefs. But before you venture out to shop for one, we have compiled a quick guide on how to pray with the rosary;

  1. The sign of the cross and the Apostle’s creed

Begin the prayer by making the sign of the cross, and then recite the Apostle’s creed.  The sign of the cross and the Apostle’s Creed is said while holding the cross dangling at the end of the rosary. The sign of the cross is made to show the significance of the Holy Trinity in our lives; The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

After making the sign of the cross, say the Apostles creed.  The Apostle’s creed helps declare the faith of the Christian to the word of God, and the Church. Reciting the creed loudly helps us declare our faiths and belief in the Holy Trinity.  By so doing, we declare our faith in God, the Church, death and resurrection and in the Church Of Christ.

  • Say Our father and three Hail Mary Prayers

Say our Lord’s Prayer on the isolated bead that’s just after the dangling cross.

There are three beads following each other, just after the isolated bead. Say three Hail Mary recitations, holding each bead while saying a Hail Mary. Hail Marry is a prayer whose verses are extracted from the bible. The purpose of the prayer is basically to ask Mary, the mother of Jesus to pray for us now, and at the hour of our death.

  • Recite Glory be to the father

 There is a space between the three Hail Mary beads, and the next isolated bead. Say Glory be to the father while holding on the space.

  • Announce the first Mystery and then recite Our Father

Announce the first mystery, followed by a recitation of our Lord’s Prayer.  Each and every day has its own Mystery. The Mystery to be announced on each day is as follows,

On Mondays; Joyful Mysteries

On Tuesdays; sorrowful Mysteries

On Wednesdays; Glorious Mysteries

 On Thursdays; Luminous Mysteries

On Fridays announce; sorrowful Mysteries

On Saturdays announce; Joyful Mysteries

On Sundays announce; Glorious Mysteries

The Mysteries basically highlight the events that happened in the life of Jesus. You do not have to memorize the 20 different mysteries. You can read them off from your prayer book. After frequently engaging in the rosary prayer, you will automatically memorize them.

  • Recite the first decade;

 There are 10 beads that are grouped together. The ten beads are collectively referred to as a decade. Here, you are supposed to recite ten Hail Mary’s, holding each bead while reciting a Hail Mary.  While reciting the ten Hail Marys, meditate on the first Mystery you announced. 

After the first Decade, a larger space will follow; here you will recite ‘Glory be to the father’.  Glory be to the Father will be followed by the Virgin Mary while at Fatima. The prayer, which is referred to as ‘Oh My Jesus’ will always come after ‘ Glory Be to the Father’ and just before the annunciation of the next Mystery.  The ‘Oh My Jesus’ Prayer is recited as Follows; ‘ Oh My Jesus, Forgive us our Sins, save us from the fires of Hell, Lead our souls to Heaven, especially those in most  need of thy mercy. Amen’

 Announce the second Mystery followed by ‘Our father’

  • Recite the Second Decade

Recite ten Hail Mary’s for the ten beads on the second decade. While reciting the second decade, meditate upon the second Mystery you just announced.

 Recite ‘Glory be to the father’ followed by ‘Oh My Jesus’. Announce the third Mystery followed by ‘Our Father’

  •  Recite the third Mystery

Recite the third set of ten beads. Say the ten Hail Mary’s while meditating on the Third Mystery.

 Recite ‘Glory be to the father’ followed by ‘Oh My Jesus’.

Announce the forth Mystery followed by ‘Our Father’

  • Recite the Forth Decade

Recite the ten Hail Mary’s on the forth decade. Remember to meditate on the 4th Mystery while going through the Hail Mary’s.

 After exhausting the ten Hail Mary’s bead on the forth decade, pray ‘Glory be to the Father’ followed by ‘Oh My Jesus’.

Announce the fifth and the final Mystery, followed by ‘Oh My Father’

  • Recite the fifth and the final decade

Recite the ten Hail Mary’s on the fifth decade, while meditating on the just announced.  After exhausting the ten Hail Mary’s say ‘Glory be to the Father’ followed by ‘Oh My Jesus’.

 The 5 decades are basically a repetition

  1. Finish up with the Hail Holy Queen and the sign of the cross

After completing the five decades, you would have gotten to the medal with an Image of Mary inscribed on it. Here, recite ‘Hail Holy Queen’. Complete the rosary prayer with a sign of the cross.

In Summary;

 Rosaries are indeed a very powerful prayer tool. As you start planning about your Christmas gifts and shopping, it is time you considered getting a rosary, ST. Benedict Medal, or even a Virgin Mary Statue to decorate your home, Christmas tree, or to give as a gift.  For the best deals and offers, get in touch with 

Ruwan Kumar