Electrical Test Certificate

key points of an electrical test certificate

The key points of an electrical test certificate

What does an electrical certificate cover

Trying to book an EICR? Dont know if you need it or not? Look no further, all of your questions are answered below!

What is an electrical test certificate?

electrical test certificate

The electrical test certificate, also commonly known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR, is a routine safety check of the electrical installation in a property. The report was created to identify any potential issues or defaults and assess the overall safety of the system. Given that the current Government statistics estimate that electrical faults are the cause of around 50% of household fires in the UK, having a safe and fully compliant electrical system is extremely important.

Do I need an EICR when selling a house?

With the recent change in regulations, a common question being asked at the moment is, do you need an electrical test certificate to sell your house? The current guidelines state that if you are looking to market your property for sale, you do not need an electrical certificate.

However, once you have agreed on a sale on the property, do not be surprised if your buyers request one. Many buyers will want to know the age, condition, and overall safety of the electrical system which is not something that is covered in a traditional Homebuyers Report or Building Survey.

Do I need an electrical certificate when renting a house?

electrical certificate when renting a house

As of July 1st, 2020, if you move new tenants into your property, or if you renew an existing tenancy agreement then having an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a legal requirement. If you do not have one then you will not be allowed to move your tenants into the property. In the case where tenants are already in place, landlords have until April 1st, 2021 in order to get their electrical certificate.

What does the electrical test certificate inspection include?

An electrical test is a thorough and in-depth inspection of the whole. The electrical engineer will focus particular attention to the following areas;

  • Suitability of earthing and bonding
  • Adequacy of fuse box/ consumer unit
  • Overall condition of switches, sockets and light fittings
  • Condition of the wiring (type/coating/age)
  • Presence and suitability of RCDs (Residual Current Devices)
  • General wear and tear, damage or deterioration of any part of the installation

How long does the EICR test take?

For smaller apartments, such as studios or one bedroom apartments, the testing should take approximately one hour or so. With larger family houses full and thorough testing can easily take the engineer around 3-4 hours.

How long does the electrical report last?

electrical report last

If you are privately renting the property, the current guidelines state that you should renew the certificate every five years, although it is also recommended to have your report renewed upon change of tenancy. For private households, industry experts recommend you having an EICR carried out every 10 years.

How much is an eicr?

The electrical test certificate cost will vary on the size of the property. Naturally, the larger your property, the more circuits it will have and the more complex and time-consuming the testing will be. For studio apartments, prices start at 89 with one or two bedrooms available at 99 and three bedrooms properties priced at 109.

How do I find an electrical test certificate near me?

If you are looking to book an electrical test certificate then look no further than MyConstructor. We have a comprehensive and countrywide network of experienced and fully qualified electrical engineers at your disposal.

All you need to do is let us know the postcode of the property, the number of bedrooms you have, and your preferred date and time for the inspection. The My Constructor booking platform will then present you with a shortlist of the available local electricians, along with their pricing and reviews from previous customers!

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