Pros & Cons of 4G LTE Booster

Pros & Cons of signal booster

The 4G Long Term Evolution is a technology used to improve the quality and the strength of the 4G signal, putting it in the ranges close to 5G. The 4G LTE boosters help by conveniently amplifying the 4G LTE in homes and offices. Several 4G LTE boosters exist in the market, but it is worth finding out the advantages and disadvantages of using one of them in your home.

Pros of 4G LTE Booster

There are numerous reasons that anyone should buy a 4G LTE booster for use at home. Here are the main ones that make it better than any other;

Improved Cell Reception

The 4G mobile signal boosters collect the weak signal around you and amplify it before rebroadcasting it to your phone. Once the cell phone signal reaches your phone, it needs to be sent back to the nearest cell phone tower. The process is made simple as the internal antenna in the 4G LTE booster picks up the phone signals from your phone, amplifies them, and sends them back to the nearest cell phone tower.

It can even be argued that the cell booster does all the heavy lifting on behalf of your phone and achieves a very high clarity to give you better cell reception, reduce signal interference during calls, and missed calls.

Pros & Cons of 4G LTE Booster

Improved Phone battery life

When a phone has to transmit a signal to a far distance to reach a cell phone tower, it has to send the signal at high power. When you have a signal booster in between your phone is able to save that power for other things that matter to you.

The signal booster helps improve battery life by about 30%, which is a lot by modern phone standards.

Improved Data Speeds

A phone signal is measured in terms of signal strength, and the unit is decibels (dB). A good signal booster can boost a phone to up to 60 dB. The strong signal strength means you can achieve high download and upload speeds of between 50 to 500 Mbps.

Easy to Install

The Installation process of a 4G LTE signal booster is easy, and anybody can install it without major issues.

Cons of 4G LTE Booster

Interfere with the network

There are very few problems associated with the 4G LTE boosters. If the booster is poorly installed, it can interfere with other radio signals in the area, including other calls and emergency calls.

In conclusion

The 4G LTE booster has so many advantages to the user and very few cons that will cause worry. In case of users are worried about some of the safety, they should contact an expert at My Amplifier on how to mitigate them.

Ruwan Kumar