Wembley park taxi

Wembley stadium is one of the most iconic stadiums in all of England and many major matches are played here every single month. Getting to and from the stadium can be taxing and with a capacity to hold 90,000 people, it can be a nightmare getting to and from the venue. So what are some of the options available for anyone who seeks to visit the stadium?

Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your choice of Wembley park taxi;

    1. We are a reputable company

      We are an established company and we base our business on the principles of efficiency and great customer service. We help hundreds of clients arrive to the stadium safely and we take them back to their destination. Wembley park taxis ensure that you don’t have to walk a long distance from the drop off point to and from the stadium.

    2. We work 24 hours of every day

      We work 24 hours of every day of the week and this ensures that no matter the time of the event or football match, you can be sure you will leave the stadium for your destination, without being left stranded.

    3. We are a local company

      We are a home grown company and we are a Wembley based taxi company with nationwide reach.

    4. No hidden charges

      For any booking made, you can be sure that the cost which is quoted is the final cost. There are no hidden costs or additional costs.

    5. Online and advanced booking

      We want to make booking easy for all our clients and this is why we introduced online booking. In minutes, you key in your starting point and your destination point and you can find out how much it will cost and make your booking. We allow for advanced booking, to secure your taxi, try advanced booking to make life stress and hassle free.


Whenever you are attending an event or a match in Wembley in London, choose the best transport option for you, your friends and your family. Visit www.wembleystadiumminicabs.com today and make your booking.

Ruwan Kumar